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Wine Corks vs. Screw Caps: The Pros & Cons

screw cap wines

The showdown between corks and screw caps is an interesting one. In this article, we will carefully weigh up the positives and negatives of both of these types of caps. You may have your favorite already and are already chanting from grandstand for which one you want to win this showdown, but let’s objectively compare these and see which one is actually better.

Corks have been used to close wine since the early 1400s. its usage is justified by the fact that it is among the few malleable products that are able to securely keep contents within a bottle made from glass. While they have been traditionally used, they have become a subject of much controversy. Many wine experts have started to discuss that corks can cause a chemical reaction within your wine bottle with trichloroanisole. This substance is the product of corks that have been cleaned or purified with the use of chlorine. When this is done mold tends to form on the corks resulting in a flavor that is unpleasant. It has been reported to have something like a moldy or musty flavor when this chemical reaction happens.

The Benefits of Using Corks
We already know that corks are preferred because of their historical significance. However, there are some other reasons that lead people to prefer cork. due to the makeup of corks, they are naturally porous permitting the contained wine to breathe. This allows oxygen into the bottles while allowing other gases to be released. Corks have long been celebrated for their usefulness in long term aging of wine. With the use of a cork and wine refrigerator, your wine will age very well. This may seem trivial, but many people prefer corks because of the sound that it makes when it opens. Screws will never replace that traditional romantic and celebratory sound of a corked wine bottle’s “pop”.

Disadvantages of Wine Corks
Wine bottles with corks tend to be a bit more expensive than screw cap wines. As a matter of fact, they are often twice or three times as expensive as wine bottles that have been closed with screw caps. As mentioned earlier, a large number of wines that are closed with corks cause a chemical reaction with trichloroanisole. This results in a moldy or musty taste. Now, no one wants to be sipping on a cup of fine musty wine. It has been reported that 1 to 3 percent of corked bottled wines are tainted by TCA.

Corks can also be difficult to remove for the inexperienced. They even give the experienced wine connoisseurs a warm time on occasion. One of the major challenges that are experienced when you pull a bottle of wine from your wine refrigerator and make attempt to open it is that when you open it, it often ends up breaking, resulting in pieces of the cork falling into your wine. Other disadvantages of corked wine include that:

  • They are made from a limited natural resource.
  • The quality of corks varies.

Screw Caps
Screw cap wines are relatively new when compared to corks. They have been in use since the 1960s. though they are much younger than their corked counterpart, they have established a comfortable spot in the market. They are very prominent in Australia. The rise of screw cap wines can be credited to the great decrease in the quality of traditional corks back in the 1980s. this drop in quality also gave rise to other wine bottle closing alternatives. These include other plant-derived corks and corks made from plastics.

Benefits of Screw Caps
Screw cap wines are much cheaper than their traditional corked opponent. This makes your spending on wine a lot more manageable on a monthly basis. A major plus with screw caps is that they don’t allow your wine to be affected by TCA. Therefore, you won’t end up with wine that smells musty and moldy. With a screw cap wine, you will definitely be able to enjoy your fine wine. One of the major issues most people have with corked wines is that they are difficult to open. This complaint is not at all applicable to screw cap wines. They are very easy to open and they are also great for covering bottles that have been opened. If you’ve ever tried to seal a bottle using a traditional cork you know that it can be a very difficult task. this difficulty is gone when you purchase screw cap wines.

Disadvantages of Screw Caps
Screw cap wines are not the best option if you are seeking to age wine. This is because screw caps close wine bottles so tight. Many people value the popping sound that they get from opening a bottle with a traditional cork. unfortunately, this sound is completely lost when you purchase a screw cork wine. That romantic and dramatic experience is lost but you still get great tasting wine.

As the world continues to get more and more conscious of the impact that we as humans are making on our environment, the environmental friendliness of products has become vitally important. On this note, a disadvantage of screw caps is that they are typically made from resources that are not renewable. Screw caps can certainly be recycled which does well for our environment; however, they are not biodegradable. While the price of your bottle does not necessarily have a direct relationship with the taste of the wine poured from it, screw cap wines have developed a cheap customer perception. So, If you have a group of friends over and you pull out a screw cap wine from your wine refrigerator to serve them, they may end up thinking you are being cheap and might not value you as a true wine lover.

Which Will You Choose?
Corked wines and screw cap wines are available in abundance and at varying qualities. The choice is in your hands as to which you will purchase. If you are someone who is seeking to keep your wine for a long time, a corked wine may be the right choice; however, you need to be aware of the possible challenge you might have with TCA. If you are not keeping wine for an extended period of time and don’t mind the “cheap” association, you could very well go with screw cap wines. It is up to you.

How You Can Make Weed Infused Wine

cannabis wine

Along with the overall cannabis industry, the CBD edibles market is experiencing a monumental boom. There are hardly any edibles that have not been infused with cannabis from cookies, gummies, chocolate bars to soft drinks, and water. The cause of this preference for edibles is the flexibility it provides consumers. Consumers can choose their favorite products as the medium to consume cannabis, and wine-lovers are not left out. Cannabis-infused wines are gaining traction in places like California, and it is not difficult to see why. These products start as conventional wine, so you still get to enjoy the exact qualities you love about wine, but this time, with the additional effects of cannabis.

Like cannabis itself, the consumption of cannabis wine is in no way a recent practice. The product has been around for thousands of years as it is one of the original marijuana products. As you might suspect already, the ancient weed wines are quite different from what we have today. Contemporary cannabis wine is usually dealcoholized, then blended with a THC or CBD emulsion. They are often offered in regular wine bottles, although they taste different due to the dealcoholizing. The entire idea of cannabis wine appeals to people who want to enjoy wine without having to deal with a terrible hangover. However, regulation poses a difficult challenge to the production of cannabis wine, so you might find it difficult to get your hands on one depending on where you live. Also, you might find the wine too expensive where it is available. Thus, the other alternative is to make your cannabis wine. This is a step-by-step guide to help make the task much easier.

There are several ways of making your own cannabis wine. However, we will be showing two effective methods of doing it.


The first thing to do is to get the necessary ingredients and instruments ready. You will need your wine, preferably dry or red, cheesecloth, ⅛ – ¼ ounce high-grade cannabis, foil, a pan, marijuana grinder, and a pot or punch bowl. It is better to get wine with bold flavors that complement the cannabis well and one that induces mild hangovers. Waking up stoned and drunk might not be as interesting as you might imagine it to be.

If you have been taking cannabis before, you might already know that your weed is not yet THC-active until it goes through the decarboxylation process. To carry out the decarboxylation process at home, you have to line your pan with foil. Then, break your weed buds into smaller pieces and spread them out on the pan. Cover the weed with foil and cook to heat it. Ensure you cook at 110°C (230°F) for about 45–60 minutes as this is when the weed starts to decarboxylate and coverts inactive THCA into THC.

After cooking your weed, you should get a less green and drier weed. Take the weed and grind with your marijuana grinder. You could also use a mortar and a pestle to grind into fine pieces. Bear in mind that the finer your weed is ground, the better.

Now that you have ground your weed into fine pieces, you will need to pack them using your cheesecloth. Place portions of the weed at the center of the cheesecloth and then tie up the edges properly to create your cannabis teabag. Make sure you don’t overstuff the bags so as avoid excess weed particles floating in your wine. It is advisable to use multiple layers of cheesecloth per bag to further guard against this. Put the cannabis teabags into the bottle of wine. Better still, you could pour the wine into a bowl so that the teabags can be completely submerged in the wine. Cover the bowl with cellophane and leave in a fridge for 24hrs to 48hrs. Remember to shake it up occasionally to disrupt settled marijuana.

After removing the bowl from the fridge, you should remove the cannabis teabags. You might want to squeeze excess wine from the bags back into the bowl, which will make your cannabis wine even more potent. Some particles might likely have escaped from the bags into the wine, so you should sieve out such particles to have a flawless solution. Now you have your cannabis wine, pour yourself a glass, and savor the experience.

An alternative to the “teabag” method is this crock-pot method. It simply involves slowly cooking the wine with cheesecloth-wrapped decarboxylated marijuana for about 2 hours. This might be a great method, although you have to be careful to ensure that the solution does not get overheated. That could render the THC unusable and evaporate your wine. One advantage of this method is that you can give your wine more flavor with additional ingredients. All you have to do is get the required ingredients such as orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Add these ingredients into the mixture and cook with the wine. Sieve out with a cheesecloth after the process, and you will have yourself a natural-flavored cannabis wine.

One distinguishing quality of dealcoholized cannabis wine is the taste. If you are a wine-lover who is used to a high-quality wine, you might not be able to enjoy cannabis wine as the taste is often not as good. There is just that flavor that comes with the alcohol content, which will be missed.

However, since you are making your own cannabis wine, this should be less of a problem as you would be using alcoholic wine. Nevertheless, the mixture of cannabis and alcohol creates a unique taste that you may or may not find pleasant. Another thing to take note of is the effect of your cannabis wine. Unlike most other CBD edibles, it is quite difficult to get accurate dosing with homemade cannabis wine. Thus, it is necessary to be careful with your consumption to avoid being left excessively stoned and sauced.

Amazing Gifts for Wine Lovers that are not Wine

cannabis edibles

No matter your age or background, we can all agree about the general appreciation people have for wine. It’s a simple yet eloquent drink that serves a great purpose for a variety of endeavors. Graduation celebrations, birthdays, promotions, achievements, or just the pure want to enjoy a sweet drink make wine a versatile drink.

Like anything else, many individuals are wine-obsessed or consider themselves to be wine snobs. As high as it is to go to their house and have a wide range of choices to make in the wine world, it’s challenging to figure out a gift. The obvious would be to buy them more wine. Still, considering wine connoisseurs have exact preferences, that’d be an exhausting endeavor to do.

However, with the right determination and a bit of a thought process, you can determine a fantastic gift for wine lovers before you know it. With this subject in mind, let’s highlight a few of the best gifts for wine lovers that aren’t wine, to help get you started on the matter. Let’s get started!

Cannabis Edibles
In this day and age, who hasn’t used or have a somewhat interest cannabis? Although smoking cannabis might not fit everyone, cannabis edibles are a simple alternative that can work for anyone. Depending on where you buy them, they can be incredible tasting and be practically a dessert. The industry surrounding cannabis will only continue to grow as it becomes more widely accepted. Considering wine alters the mind, cannabis is a perfect alley that’ll surely spice up a fun night. It’s safe, fun to do, and extremely beneficial to specific individuals, what more could you want?

If your friend isn’t used to THC or the overall sensation attached to cannabis edibles, consider getting them a lighter dose or CBD edibles. As long as the CBD edibles don’t contain THC, they’ll hold all of the benefits attached to cannabis without the high effect. Either way, if you live in a particular area where cannabis is legal, consider checking it out for your friend. If not, remember to check out CBD and see the options available in that regard.

Poison Ring
Upon reading this, you most likely aren’t sure what a poison ring is. For those who don’t know, a poison ring isn’t a ring that goes around poisoning people. Instead, it acts as a standard ring that features a secret compartment. It’s true that at one point in time, people used to secretly carry poison, but that’s not their purpose today. Outside of their pure aesthetic for using them, they’re a unique gift that most people aren’t even aware of. Think about it, have you heard of someone getting a poison ring as a gift? Nonetheless, the person you buy it for can use it for a pure fashion sense or utilize the secret compartment in it for something.

Whether they want to carry their multivitamins, CBD pills, or anything that can fit, a poison ring is a nice feature. Plus, it’ll make them feel a little more mysterious, having a ring outside of the normal realm.

Wine Subscription Bundle
Although this list promised not to mention wine as a gift for someone who loves wine, a wine subscription bundle is different. It’s not in a sense that you’re going out and buying a random bottle of wine, but as a fun bundle that changes every month. Consider buying a few months’ worth of a wine subscription bundle. Given their infatuation and a natural interest in wine, they’ll surely draw a significant love for this gift. Plus, many wine subscription bundles come with other fun gifts with them.

Bottle openers, t-shirts, hats, glasses, and anything else related in the field are very common to be tagged along in a wine subscription bundle. No matter how you paint it, people love subscription-based services like this for what they offer on a month-to-month basis.

Similar to wine, people have a natural love and respect for coffee. This doesn’t mean going out and buy any generic cup of coffee. It means to look for specific coffee blends and variety packs from local coffee shops. Outside of just the local realm, any reputable coffee business online will do. If they already have a love for coffee, this will be a fun and safe gift to get them. If they like coffee, but don’t have a coffee maker or pour-over coffee equipment, consider getting them either option.

No matter how you paint it, a gift from the coffee world is an excellent option for people who already love wine. Be on the lookout for what option will best suit them and do some investigating to find out.

Cocktail Mix
Considering cocktails are in the relatively same category as wine, why not buying them a cocktail mix? Cocktails are fun, exciting, and are a fantastic way to get the party started. Plus, the memories will last a lot longer with the two of you making the cocktails together.

Try not to dive too deeply into the specifics of cocktail mixes, but look for one that’s generally regarded as a good option. Reviews are available for a reason, so use them. Once you have one picked out, I guarantee you they’ll be enormously gratified by it.

Picnic Basket/Goodies
In this day and age, what better way to past the time than a picnic? Considering the vast majority of us have gone on a picnic at some point, filling up a picnic basket with many goodies is something to consider.

Plus, if you have a close enough relationship with them or your significant other, bring them to a picnic with everything set up. They’ll surely appreciate it and will love it more than practically any other gift.

Wine Journal
Since they’re most likely already aware of what they enjoy wine-wise, a wine journal an excellent way for them to mark down new wines they try. In this day and age, making lists and keeping track of what you’ve done is a fantastic way to have fun with your hobbies.

Although a wine journal might not be as mainstream as some of the other gift ideas on this list, they’re certainly worth checking out. No matter how you paint it, they’re an integral part of someone’s pure love for wine.

Wine Law

wine bottle

Wine laws are made by the legislation conducted at regional, state, or local levels. Most of the wine laws regulate a specific region. A lot of people have a misconception that wine laws involve the legal drinking age or licensing practices, such as the distribution and sales of wine bottles.

However, wine laws regulate different aspects of sales and production of wine. These laws deal with the purpose of decreasing wine fraud through the regulation of protected designations of origin or classification of wine. It also involves the regulations related to the procedures in winemaking.

Various attorneys at law make sure that all the wine companies are complying with these laws and regulations. The first-ever wine law was made by the Roman emperor Domitian, who issued a proclamation in which he banned the planting of any new vineyard throughout Italy. Furthermore, he ordered the pulling up of most of the vineyards in Roman provinces. The reason behind passing this wine law was to increase the production of cereals in Roman cities, instead of the sales of wine bottles. However, this legislation did not receive much importance from the Roman provinces, and later Emperor Probus completely repealed this wine law, which helped in improving the sale of wine bottles.

According to the attorneys at law, the laws regulating the new world and old world wines differ from each other. It has been observed that the laws regulating the old world wines were stricter as compared to the ones created for the new world wines. Other than this, the old world wine laws were more rigid than the new world wine laws.

European Union Wine Laws

All the countries that are a part of the European Union are regulated through the European Union wine laws, which work under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This policy includes rules which regulate the wine sector in order to make sure that a balance is achieved in the wine market. The main features of the wine regime include classification of wines, rules relating to the description and labeling of wine bottles, and imports of wines from other non-EU countries. In addition to these regulations, each EU country has its own set of rules and laws also which govern the procedure of winemaking along with the percentage of a grape to be included in a certain wine.

United States Wine Laws

The United States Wine laws are more flexible as compared to the ones made for the EU countries. The Attorneys at Law make sure that the wine laws which are made for wine labeling are being followed by the wine companies. The United States wine laws mainly revolve around how much percentage of grapes should be incorporated in the wine bottles. For example, a wine bottle under a specific wine labeling must use a fixed percentage of grapes in their winemaking process. The State of California and Texas tend to use approximately 85% of grapes in their wines. The percentage of grape used in wines helps in determining the alcohol rates.

How to make cannabis-infused wine

cannabis products
health benefits from cannabis

The cannabis-infused wine have made commendable progress, especially in California after receiving its own share of legalization of recreational marijuana and other cannabis products. However, cannabis-infused wine cannot be wholly claimed as a modern finding, the ancient Greeks took resort to this beverage during their Christmas celebrations by infusing several herbs and fruits to the wine thus granting them an unique blend of flavors and taste. We are definite that after knowing the vintage past of cannabis-infused wine, owning a bottle of the same sounds quite intriguing; therefore, to save you the hassle of running back and forth to California to get access to this variety of wine, we will be listing down a few methods that can be used to make your own cannabis-infused wine and derive some health benefits from cannabis.

  • By drowning a pouch of weed in the wine bottle
health benefits from cannabis

This method is the most convenient and safest product when it comes to making cannabis products like the wine. Before introducing the pouch of cannabis into the wine bottle, ensure to decarb it to a hint of the most exciting flavor and effects. Now bake the weed for a while at an optimum temperature of 1100C so that the inactive THCA starts transforming into THC. Next remove it from the stove, immediately pull off its foil and then follow up by crushing and grinding the elements into tiny bits. Now, put these bits of weed into a cheesecloth and place it inside the wide bottle and close the lid for the liquid to absorb the favors of it. Let the bottle of wine rest in the fridge for at least a day, and then when you finally remove it to pour the beverage in a glass remove the cloth containing the solid elements of the weed and store it up to as many days
as you want.

  • By boiling the weed and wine together
health benefits from cannabis

Also an easy course to take when you are planning to create a cannabis product by your own is by boiling the wine and weed together. Pour the entire contents of the wine bottle in to a boiling pot and place it on the stove. Now add your favorite variety of weed along with a few other elements such as orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves so that the bitterness of the cannabis doesn’t overpower your drink. Leave it to brew for around 2 hours and then run it through a filter to eliminate the solid substances.

Health benefits from cannabis

The cannabis-infused wine is not meant to aim solely at rendering comfort and peace of mind to a person. The THC compound when comes in contact with the alcohol produces swifter effects and doesn’t require a lot of time and glasses to hit the system. To browse through the accompanying perks of this variation of wine, here are some health benefits from cannabis.

  • Relieves long-pending stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Treats sore muscles and painful symptoms of long-term ailments including that of cancer.
  • Eases out several respiratory problems such as asthma
  • Balances the blood sugar and pressure level

Why Your Relationship With Wine Is Better Than Any Other Relationship

Do you love enjoying a glass of wine now and then? Well, if you are single, you should enjoy your relationship with your favorite wine, or wines, as much as possible. If you are looking for reasons, here are a few good ones that will show you why your relationship with wine is better than a relationship with a person.

• Wine will never judge or patronize you

The bottle of wine you just got will never make any kind of unsuitable remarks concerning you or your life. It is there you please you and offer you a nice companionship. Plus, if you are single, you can enjoy an expensive wine all by yourself, so you can see it as an investment in your own well-being.

• It won’t get upset if you decide to change your “partner”

Even if you do favor a particularly expensive wine, you may want to change it now and then. You may be in the mood for something with a fuller body than the regular rose you are having on a constant basis. While you may need relationship help if you do this with a person, your favorite wine won’t get upset if you’ll want to enjoy something different tomorrow.

• Wine reduces stress, not increase its levels

Having a relationship is difficult and energy-consuming. Not to mention that it can even stress you a lot, especially if you end up getting involved with the wrong kind of person. So, we can say that stress is the only thing your relationship helps in your life. Wine does the contrary, reducing stress and inducing a state of relaxation.

Relationship With Wine
• Wine will never require too much effort from your side

A relationship needs a constant level of effort while all the effort you need to deposit in enjoying a glass of wine is to get its top off. Of course, there’s the financial effort as well, but only if you insist on buying expensive wine. And you should do that now and then, as a way to spoil yourself.

• You don’t even have to bother to make things interesting

The best part about opting for a relationship with wine is that you don’t even have to bother about creating a pleasant atmosphere or making the game interesting. Wine will take you as you are and will never complain about it. Whether you are tired, not wearing any makeup, or you’re not in your best outfit, the wine will always be there for you.

A relationship With Wine
• It has nothing against you spending time with other people

Try to convince anyone that there’s nothing wrong in seeing other people while you’re in a relationship. Most probably you’ll be judged and considered a bad person. Wine will never have such issues. You can date as much as you want and see anyone you want, and your bottle of wine will always wait for you faithfully at home.

• Wine will never call you crazy

In case you’re wondering how a relationship helps people, is for them to get all kinds of names from their partners. If you’ve been called “crazy” or “irrational” by someone, you know what we mean. Wine will never do that to you, so choosing a wine is always a better option.

Wine Area Rugs

The wine area rugs designs are like a work of art. Wine area rugs will give you a colorful experience and presence in a room full of furniture. You can lay a wine area rug on a floor that already has a carpet on it, or you can put it on a floor with a hard surface like tiles, wood or even stone. However, drawbacks of buying a cheap area rug.

Decorating and beautifying your home to give the perfect touch of sophistication are among the basic or primary motives that the wine area rugs have been enjoying unusual demands since centuries all over the sphere. Cheap rugs can’t yield the significant result, as substandard quality can never show that vibrancy and glory. However, the cheap area rugs are not durable which implies a loss of money.

The wine area rug can be the star of the room or just one of the most crucial elements when decorating a home.

When you invite family and friends to your home, the first things that they’ll notice is the area rug on the floor of your entry, and most of them know the cheap rugs. If you have got a spot or perhaps even a whole room in your home that’s a bit dull or even boring you can change it into a colorful and beautiful place using a wine area rug. Also, The substandard texture of the cheap rugs makes it the most common category of rugs that can’t be used in the prestigious party or occasions. Owing to the substandard or less quality, the cheap area rugs can’t prevent the floor, which the rugs are meant for. It’ll create a whole new atmosphere and will easily reflect your style and make the statement that you want to make, a visual statement that is.

Wine Area Rugs

Moreover, taste differs, and you might not agree, but you may like the wine area rug design. However, wine design is not that it is filled with grapes but, that the wine design is reflecting the style of the old wine yards in Europe.

Peradventure, your taste is contemporary, tribal or traditional, modern, and you might even be into textures and shags or country quilts and styles?

Whatever your style is, that is just best because wine area rugs are meant to show the world what you are all about.

Asides these styles, you might even want to decorate your home with a little geography in mind, and that can be simple and quickly done too. You’ve Chinese rugs, Turkish, Persian, and French area rugs. Hey – if you wanted to, you might even be able to build the world from rugs alone. it is advisable not to go for that cheap rugs.

Putting colors together can be a high challenge to many, and you’ll need to test the combination of colors of your original flooring and your new rug. This isn’t always easy but you can try it, and surely you’ll have found while you do it.

Wine Area Rugs

If you find the one wine area rug that is a must have, all you would need to do is to redecorate the furniture and the rest of the room so that they would all match the rug. Select the color of your area rug, when you’re thinking of redecorating the place to put it in. You don’t need to waste time and do it all over again. But, if it could have been avoided by planning just a little better.

If you have got a room full of busy fabric patterns you might want to consider a border type area rug a rug with a much less busy design to slow down the room, also, color is a matter of your taste and how active you would want a place to appear is only up to you.

Often it’ll be an easier task to find the area rug first, and the wallpaper, the pick the furniture, the paint, and all the other things and then have them match the area rug. This is the way that professional decorators and designers do it. They begin with the rug.

Cannabis Wine

There was a time when the word ‘cannabis’ was only associated with smoking weed. However, when the United States and Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in all of their provinces as well as some states, cannabis really became a thing.

Following this development, many companies joined the cannabis rush in order to exploit the various opportunities it presented. Thanks to them, now there are cannabis creams, hemp tinctures, THC gummies, CBD capsules, and cannabis wine – which seems to be the biggest deal at the moment.

What is Cannabis Wine?

Simply put, cannabis wine is exactly what it sounds like: a wine made from the mix of cannabis and wine. In commercial sense, cannabis wine is a relatively new concept even though some weed enthusiasts had been experimenting with the idea for quite some time before marijuana got legalized in various parts of North America.

How is it Made?

Many wineries that produce cannabis wine don’t exactly share the information regarding how they make it. Cannawine (a popular name in the cannabis wine industry) uses various ingredients in their different products. Still, not all ingredients used in the production process are listed on their website.

Following are the key ingredients in Cannawine:
• Alcohol: Alcohol is added in the right quantity. The presence of alcohol helps ensure that the organs perform better.
• Garnacha: Garnacha is a popular ingredient that many wineries use in winemaking in order to improve taste. Garnacha is made from fruits.
• Hemp Extract: Currently, CBD is the most popular hemp extract available. This is due to the fact that not only does it improve general health but it is also highly effective in the management of stress, pain, and anxiety.

Effects of Cannabis Wine

Generally, the effects of consuming any drink that is made from the combination of wine and cannabis will depend on the strain (in addition to the quality of fruits or grapes) used during production. When it comes to Cannawine, users report a quick sensation of relaxation and calmness.

To date, no side effects of drinking cannabis wine have been discovered. This is primarily because Cannawine and many other wineries claim that their cannabis wine has practically zero levels of THC. So, the likelihood of getting high by drinking such cannabis-infused wine is next to nothing. There are some wineries and winemakers, however, that use THC in their wine.

Is Cannabis Wine Safe?

Yes. Cannawine is safe because it is a blend of hemp extract and naturally grown grapes. So far, users haven’t complained of side effects.

Why You Should Try Cannabis Wine

At the moment, cannabis wine is the hottest new thing in the market for adults. It is healthy. It is classy. It is new. Everyone in the wine and cannabis industry is talking about this new wine. If you are a wine connoisseur, then it is highly recommended that you try cannabis wine.

Where to Buy Cannawine

From United Kingdom to Netherlands, cannabis wine is available via distributers, wineries, and shops in at least half a dozen European countries. In United States, only California can legally produce cannabis wine even though some other states allow the recreational use of marijuana itself.

The Benefits of Rose Wine All Day

Rose wine is touted by many fans as the perfect year-around drink – from fall diners to spring picnics to outdoor barbecues. It just fits all occasions, giving the best wines out there a run for their money!

Fuelled by almost 200,000 Instagram pictures tagged with rose all day, rose wine is the newest trending wine that has a mix of the right flavors to boot. It excites the palette by bringing in the best of strawberry and watermelon flavors with a texture that is crisp and fresh. The ideal time to consume rose wine is during summer and spring festivals, preferably when you’re chilling by the pool.

But the versatility of rose wine allows it to be paired up with just about any food out there; think chicken, pasta, or even the good old outdoor grill. Plus it’s good for health. Did you know that rose contains a lot more resveratrol than white wine? Resveratrol is an antioxidant with numerous health benefits, including the ability to control high blood pressure and increase the average life span.

Rose wine comes in both sweet and dry varieties, which means that there is a little something for everyone. Rose wines are fermented from grapes, not unlike white and red wines. Some variants of rose wine include both white and red grapes, imbuing the wine with a texture, taste, and smell that is unmatched.

Rose wine has several health benefits owing to the potent antioxidants that are an integral component of the popular drink. If you were to choose between rose and white wine, you should definitely choose the former because it is both healthier and contains a lot more antioxidants. This is also backed up by studies which show that rose wine drinkers have a 13 percent reduced risk of getting cancer than those who consume red or rose wine.

Rose Helps with Bad Cholesterol

Rose wine is composed of several compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The presence of polyphenols lowers bad cholesterol while potassium reduces high blood pressure. Rose wine has anti-inflammatory properties, which are believed to help patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and possibly slow down its progression.

Moderate consumption of the drink is correlated with good cardiovascular health. Just remember that overdosing on this drink will negate the benefits. But this is true for just about any health food out there.

Rose Wine Is a Great Choice for Weight Loss

An average 5-ounce glass of rose wine contains about 82 calories, which makes the drink a popular choice for diet-conscious individuals. Rose wine is also known to have the lowest amount of calories among alcoholic drinks. This makes it perfect for individuals who want to lose weight.

Protects the Brain from Stress

Rose wine contains resveratrol, which is shown to slow down cognitive decline due to aging. It has been observed to disrupt the formation of protein fragments known as beta-amyloids, which are known to form plaques, a tell-tale sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Rose wine can also trigger a chain of events that might just protect brain cells from damage.

How to Be a Wine Insider?

How passionate are you about wine? What is the extent of your knowledge about wines? Do you want to join the list of wine insiders?

Many wine drinkers struggle to capture the actual taste of their wines. This is because of their lack of understanding about wines. To eliminate such predicament and learn, consider the following tips and techniques and always make use of them.

Assess the Acidity of the Wine

Take some wine in your mouth and try to move your face downward. See if you are having any drooling sensation. If you do get such a feeling, then the wine was likely to be having a great degree of acidity.

Food Basics

Whenever you order wine, make sure that it compliments your food choices or else you would fail to enjoy the taste of wine. For starters, acidic wine works well with a sweet dish. Another useful piece of advice is to drink wine which is consistent with the “location” of the food. This means that if you are eating Mexican food, then try to drink a wine which originates from any Mexican city.


Usually, fish goes well with white wines as even a famous brand like Bordeaux can be a treat to eat with seafood. However, the myth of complimenting red meat with red wine and fish with white wine is highly flawed. Ignore these misconceptions and do not restrict your eating choices.


The sense of accomplishment felt after purchasing an expensive wine is “powerful,’ and there may be nothing more rewarding than drinking from a bottle of wine worth $150. Unfortunately, many people are unable to afford such expensive wines, especially on a regular basis. To purchase affordable wines, you require the recommendations of the best wine lovers. Contact Wine Tours by Shane so we can ensure that you get the best bang out of your buck. With as little as $25 in your hand, we can suggest a bottle that would quench the thirst for high-quality wine.

Purchasing Medium

A lot depends on the store from where you purchase a bottle of wine. Therefore, be picky about your wine shopping. If you intend to buy a bottle from a standard liquor store or a local shop, then it is not going to be enough. Go to a winery where the owners and management are serious about their wine.


True wine lovers do not need to taste wines to detect their brand. They can simply use their nose to sniff and determine the wine type. Therefore, you must know your wine by its smell. However, many people are not good enough with their smelling sense as they cannot even distinguish between the smell of two identical sources of wine. Immediately start enhancing your sense memory by trying to smell anything (which is possible). Once you have “smelled” enough, you can easily identify the difference between two different wines.

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