Amazing Gifts for Wine Lovers that are not Wine

No matter your age or background, we can all agree about the general appreciation people have for wine. It’s a simple yet eloquent drink that serves a great purpose for a variety of endeavors. Graduation celebrations, birthdays, promotions, achievements, or just the pure want to enjoy a sweet drink make wine a versatile drink.

Like anything else, many individuals are wine-obsessed or consider themselves to be wine snobs. As high as it is to go to their house and have a wide range of choices to make in the wine world, it’s challenging to figure out a gift. The obvious would be to buy them more wine. Still, considering wine connoisseurs have exact preferences, that’d be an exhausting endeavor to do.

However, with the right determination and a bit of a thought process, you can determine a fantastic gift for wine lovers before you know it. With this subject in mind, let’s highlight a few of the best gifts for wine lovers that aren’t wine, to help get you started on the matter. Let’s get started!

Cannabis Edibles
In this day and age, who hasn’t used or have a somewhat interest cannabis? Although smoking cannabis might not fit everyone, cannabis edibles are a simple alternative that can work for anyone. Depending on where you buy them, they can be incredible tasting and be practically a dessert. The industry surrounding cannabis will only continue to grow as it becomes more widely accepted. Considering wine alters the mind, cannabis is a perfect alley that’ll surely spice up a fun night. It’s safe, fun to do, and extremely beneficial to specific individuals, what more could you want?

If your friend isn’t used to THC or the overall sensation attached to cannabis edibles, consider getting them a lighter dose or CBD edibles. As long as the CBD edibles don’t contain THC, they’ll hold all of the benefits attached to cannabis without the high effect. Either way, if you live in a particular area where cannabis is legal, consider checking it out for your friend. If not, remember to check out CBD and see the options available in that regard.

Poison Ring
Upon reading this, you most likely aren’t sure what a poison ring is. For those who don’t know, a poison ring isn’t a ring that goes around poisoning people. Instead, it acts as a standard ring that features a secret compartment. It’s true that at one point in time, people used to secretly carry poison, but that’s not their purpose today. Outside of their pure aesthetic for using them, they’re a unique gift that most people aren’t even aware of. Think about it, have you heard of someone getting a poison ring as a gift? Nonetheless, the person you buy it for can use it for a pure fashion sense or utilize the secret compartment in it for something.

Whether they want to carry their multivitamins, CBD pills, or anything that can fit, a poison ring is a nice feature. Plus, it’ll make them feel a little more mysterious, having a ring outside of the normal realm.

Wine Subscription Bundle
Although this list promised not to mention wine as a gift for someone who loves wine, a wine subscription bundle is different. It’s not in a sense that you’re going out and buying a random bottle of wine, but as a fun bundle that changes every month. Consider buying a few months’ worth of a wine subscription bundle. Given their infatuation and a natural interest in wine, they’ll surely draw a significant love for this gift. Plus, many wine subscription bundles come with other fun gifts with them.

Bottle openers, t-shirts, hats, glasses, and anything else related in the field are very common to be tagged along in a wine subscription bundle. No matter how you paint it, people love subscription-based services like this for what they offer on a month-to-month basis.

Similar to wine, people have a natural love and respect for coffee. This doesn’t mean going out and buy any generic cup of coffee. It means to look for specific coffee blends and variety packs from local coffee shops. Outside of just the local realm, any reputable coffee business online will do. If they already have a love for coffee, this will be a fun and safe gift to get them. If they like coffee, but don’t have a coffee maker or pour-over coffee equipment, consider getting them either option.

No matter how you paint it, a gift from the coffee world is an excellent option for people who already love wine. Be on the lookout for what option will best suit them and do some investigating to find out.

Cocktail Mix
Considering cocktails are in the relatively same category as wine, why not buying them a cocktail mix? Cocktails are fun, exciting, and are a fantastic way to get the party started. Plus, the memories will last a lot longer with the two of you making the cocktails together.

Try not to dive too deeply into the specifics of cocktail mixes, but look for one that’s generally regarded as a good option. Reviews are available for a reason, so use them. Once you have one picked out, I guarantee you they’ll be enormously gratified by it.

Picnic Basket/Goodies
In this day and age, what better way to past the time than a picnic? Considering the vast majority of us have gone on a picnic at some point, filling up a picnic basket with many goodies is something to consider.

Plus, if you have a close enough relationship with them or your significant other, bring them to a picnic with everything set up. They’ll surely appreciate it and will love it more than practically any other gift.

Wine Journal
Since they’re most likely already aware of what they enjoy wine-wise, a wine journal an excellent way for them to mark down new wines they try. In this day and age, making lists and keeping track of what you’ve done is a fantastic way to have fun with your hobbies.

Although a wine journal might not be as mainstream as some of the other gift ideas on this list, they’re certainly worth checking out. No matter how you paint it, they’re an integral part of someone’s pure love for wine.