Cannabis Wine

There was a time when the word ‘cannabis’ was only associated with smoking weed. However, when the United States and Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in all of their provinces as well as some states, cannabis really became a thing.

Following this development, many companies joined the cannabis rush in order to exploit the various opportunities it presented. Thanks to them, now there are cannabis creams, hemp tinctures, THC gummies, CBD capsules, and cannabis wine – which seems to be the biggest deal at the moment.

What is Cannabis Wine?

Simply put, cannabis wine is exactly what it sounds like: a wine made from the mix of cannabis and wine. In commercial sense, cannabis wine is a relatively new concept even though some weed enthusiasts had been experimenting with the idea for quite some time before marijuana got legalized in various parts of North America.

How is it Made?

Many wineries that produce cannabis wine don’t exactly share the information regarding how they make it. Cannawine (a popular name in the cannabis wine industry) uses various ingredients in their different products. Still, not all ingredients used in the production process are listed on their website.

Following are the key ingredients in Cannawine:
• Alcohol: Alcohol is added in the right quantity. The presence of alcohol helps ensure that the organs perform better.
• Garnacha: Garnacha is a popular ingredient that many wineries use in winemaking in order to improve taste. Garnacha is made from fruits.
• Hemp Extract: Currently, CBD is the most popular hemp extract available. This is due to the fact that not only does it improve general health but it is also highly effective in the management of stress, pain, and anxiety.

Effects of Cannabis Wine

Generally, the effects of consuming any drink that is made from the combination of wine and cannabis will depend on the strain (in addition to the quality of fruits or grapes) used during production. When it comes to Cannawine, users report a quick sensation of relaxation and calmness.

To date, no side effects of drinking cannabis wine have been discovered. This is primarily because Cannawine and many other wineries claim that their cannabis wine has practically zero levels of THC. So, the likelihood of getting high by drinking such cannabis-infused wine is next to nothing. There are some wineries and winemakers, however, that use THC in their wine.

Is Cannabis Wine Safe?

Yes. Cannawine is safe because it is a blend of hemp extract and naturally grown grapes. So far, users haven’t complained of side effects.

Why You Should Try Cannabis Wine

At the moment, cannabis wine is the hottest new thing in the market for adults. It is healthy. It is classy. It is new. Everyone in the wine and cannabis industry is talking about this new wine. If you are a wine connoisseur, then it is highly recommended that you try cannabis wine.

Where to Buy Cannawine

From United Kingdom to Netherlands, cannabis wine is available via distributers, wineries, and shops in at least half a dozen European countries. In United States, only California can legally produce cannabis wine even though some other states allow the recreational use of marijuana itself.