How to Be a Wine Insider?

How passionate are you about wine? What is the extent of your knowledge about wines? Do you want to join the list of wine insiders?

Many wine drinkers struggle to capture the actual taste of their wines. This is because of their lack of understanding about wines. To eliminate such predicament and learn, consider the following tips and techniques and always make use of them.

Assess the Acidity of the Wine

Take some wine in your mouth and try to move your face downward. See if you are having any drooling sensation. If you do get such a feeling, then the wine was likely to be having a great degree of acidity.

Food Basics

Whenever you order wine, make sure that it compliments your food choices or else you would fail to enjoy the taste of wine. For starters, acidic wine works well with a sweet dish. Another useful piece of advice is to drink wine which is consistent with the “location” of the food. This means that if you are eating Mexican food, then try to drink a wine which originates from any Mexican city.


Usually, fish goes well with white wines as even a famous brand like Bordeaux can be a treat to eat with seafood. However, the myth of complimenting red meat with red wine and fish with white wine is highly flawed. Ignore these misconceptions and do not restrict your eating choices.


The sense of accomplishment felt after purchasing an expensive wine is “powerful,’ and there may be nothing more rewarding than drinking from a bottle of wine worth $150. Unfortunately, many people are unable to afford such expensive wines, especially on a regular basis. To purchase affordable wines, you require the recommendations of the best wine lovers. Contact Wine Tours by Shane so we can ensure that you get the best bang out of your buck. With as little as $25 in your hand, we can suggest a bottle that would quench the thirst for high-quality wine.

Purchasing Medium

A lot depends on the store from where you purchase a bottle of wine. Therefore, be picky about your wine shopping. If you intend to buy a bottle from a standard liquor store or a local shop, then it is not going to be enough. Go to a winery where the owners and management are serious about their wine.


True wine lovers do not need to taste wines to detect their brand. They can simply use their nose to sniff and determine the wine type. Therefore, you must know your wine by its smell. However, many people are not good enough with their smelling sense as they cannot even distinguish between the smell of two identical sources of wine. Immediately start enhancing your sense memory by trying to smell anything (which is possible). Once you have “smelled” enough, you can easily identify the difference between two different wines.