How to make cannabis-infused wine

health benefits from cannabis

The cannabis-infused wine have made commendable progress, especially in California after receiving its own share of legalization of recreational marijuana and other cannabis products. However, cannabis-infused wine cannot be wholly claimed as a modern finding, the ancient Greeks took resort to this beverage during their Christmas celebrations by infusing several herbs and fruits to the wine thus granting them an unique blend of flavors and taste. We are definite that after knowing the vintage past of cannabis-infused wine, owning a bottle of the same sounds quite intriguing; therefore, to save you the hassle of running back and forth to California to get access to this variety of wine, we will be listing down a few methods that can be used to make your own cannabis-infused wine and derive some health benefits from cannabis.

  • By drowning a pouch of weed in the wine bottle
health benefits from cannabis

This method is the most convenient and safest product when it comes to making cannabis products like the wine. Before introducing the pouch of cannabis into the wine bottle, ensure to decarb it to a hint of the most exciting flavor and effects. Now bake the weed for a while at an optimum temperature of 1100C so that the inactive THCA starts transforming into THC. Next remove it from the stove, immediately pull off its foil and then follow up by crushing and grinding the elements into tiny bits. Now, put these bits of weed into a cheesecloth and place it inside the wide bottle and close the lid for the liquid to absorb the favors of it. Let the bottle of wine rest in the fridge for at least a day, and then when you finally remove it to pour the beverage in a glass remove the cloth containing the solid elements of the weed and store it up to as many days
as you want.

  • By boiling the weed and wine together
health benefits from cannabis

Also an easy course to take when you are planning to create a cannabis product by your own is by boiling the wine and weed together. Pour the entire contents of the wine bottle in to a boiling pot and place it on the stove. Now add your favorite variety of weed along with a few other elements such as orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves so that the bitterness of the cannabis doesn’t overpower your drink. Leave it to brew for around 2 hours and then run it through a filter to eliminate the solid substances.

Health benefits from cannabis

The cannabis-infused wine is not meant to aim solely at rendering comfort and peace of mind to a person. The THC compound when comes in contact with the alcohol produces swifter effects and doesn’t require a lot of time and glasses to hit the system. To browse through the accompanying perks of this variation of wine, here are some health benefits from cannabis.

  • Relieves long-pending stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Treats sore muscles and painful symptoms of long-term ailments including that of cancer.
  • Eases out several respiratory problems such as asthma
  • Balances the blood sugar and pressure level