Petrus Wine

In case you are a wine enthusiast and would like to know more about the finest wines, it’s then the time to meet one of the most expensive wines in the world, Petrus wine. By its official name Château Pétrus, this is a wine produced in France, made entirely out of Merlot grapes.

It is made only on a small estate in the Pomerol appellation in the region of Bordeaux, which also makes it one of the rarest wines in the world. Just how expensive a bottle of Château Pétrus or Petrus wine can get? Well, a bottle containing 750 ml of this exquisite wine can be sold with an average price of $2,600.

But, in spite of its rarity and value, no one knew about this wine 3 decades ago. In fact, its production started only in the 1960s, when the Moueix family purchased the previously mentioned estate and starting planting grape vines. The entire estate and vineyard still belong to the Moueix family nowadays, being administered by Christian Moueix. He is also helped, of course, by a specialist, the oenologist Jean Claude Berrouet.

So, what makes Petrus wine so unique? Well, everything from the vines planted on the property to the harvesting method and, finally, the production of the wine, everything is done by respecting strict rules. This leads to the making of a wine that provides an exceptional quality and has a flavor bouquet like no other.

First, let us start with the grape vines. As mentioned earlier, this wine is made out of Merlot, so the vineyard on the estate features Merlot vines on 95% of its surface. But, as you can tell, we are not talking about the ordinary Merlot vines. These are very old vines, which are left to grow and develop for 70 years before they are actually replanted.

Thus, it is easy to explain why there is such a limited quantity of Petrus wine on the market. When the grapes are ready to be harvested, this operation is done only in the afternoon. Why does this count? The idea is to allow the morning dew to evaporate completely from the surface of the grapes, so that the final product suffers no dilution whatsoever, even if this means to have one single drop of dew.
After harvesting, the fresh grapes are placed in vats made out of cement and left to ferment. When fermentation occurs, the wine is poured into oak barrels, always new barrels, and left there to mature for the coming 22 to 28 months. It is worth mentioning that the wine is bottled in an unfiltered state.

Petrus wine is best to be enjoyed after being left in the bottle for at least 10 years. But, according to its producers, the longer the wine will sit in the bottle, the better it will become. What’s the taste and flavor of this exquisite wine? Petrus wine is famous for its rich flavor and concentrated aroma. It’s like a combination of black fruits, chocolate, and Asian spices. Thus, it is definitely an unforgettable experience once you have the chance to taste such a wine.