Top 10 Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara might seem relatively new in the wine industry for amateur wine lovers, which is true when compared to 1970s Napa Valley that set the pace for wines in the Golden State. However, the county can trace its wine history from two centuries ago to 1972. Planting of vines was started by Father Junipero Serra in what is presently known as Milpas section in Santa Barbara. The first winery was built in Goleat 1802 and by 19th century, vineyards were really thriving. Although vines got prohibited afterwards, the prohibition got lifted in the 1960s and vines started being grown in the county again. So today when you ask experts the best place to find wine-producing districts, they will recommend Santa Barbara as one of their top choices. So below are top 10 wineries in Santa Barbara.

  1. Presq’uile Winery

Presq’uile winery is located on the northern border of the Santa Barbara wine region with a beaten path for a lot of wine travelers to pass but definitely worth driving for. The vineyards have an advantage of having a unique terrior of the Santa Maria valley, cool breezes that come from the ocean, Chardonnay grapes that have been cultivated on the land in addition to Pinot Noir slowly ripening; all these end up showing a nice balance of acidity.

The rooms and grounds designated for tasting wines have been beautifully designed in modern architecture blending very well with the surroundings. The hilltop perch enables you to have a great view of the valley and vineyards. Additionally, there are numerous spots where you can relax as you enjoy your wine with other individuals. The winery also offers wine club members only type tasting area as well as concerts.

  1. Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard

You cannot miss this winery in the Santa Barbara County, it is situated on the Foxen Trail and runs over rolling hills with never-ending vineyards up to the iconic California Oak trees, and thus the winery is surrounded with such exquisite beauty. Fess parker has huge lawns as well as stunning patios where you can relax while enjoying wine. The winery has wonderful experiences in wine tasting and visitors can also choose to get private wine tastings that come along with food pairings, giving visitors a great experience and at the same time learning.

  1. Municipal Winemakers

This winery centers on making wine tasting as natural as it can be. The scenery has an urban as well as beachy surrounding. Although the winery will give you a casual vibe, you should not dismiss it because they have affordable wines that are jolly fitting perfectly with the general surroundings.

  1. Saarloos and Sons

Its tasting room is definitely one of the best because it has a beautiful architecture in addition to endless bottles of wines. The tasting room has a fireplace, two tasting bars as well as a bakery where you can buy cupcakes. The front of the winery also has a great patio where you can sit and enjoy the sun as you sip your wine. The winery has highly-priced wines but after tasting them, they will be worth every penny.

 Bridlewood winery

You will need to take a short drive from the center of los Olivos, the winery has a huge and beautiful estate with spotless grounds. You will fall in love with the place from the moment you enter the front gate knowing you will have a really great time. The winery sits up on a small hill which has a front wide lawn. Normally visitors always fill up the big tasting room in the weekends with great service from the staff. Bridlewood is a great place if you want to have a picnic with friends or loved ones. The wines that the winery offers include top-quality Syrahs, Rhone Blends in addition to Pinot Noirs.

Brander Vineyard

Although the winery neighbors Bridlewood, they are very different from each other. The vineyard takes an old school setting in both the tasting room as well as the wines offered. The tasting area has been decorated with artwork, the environment are comfortable as well as welcoming. For the picnic lovers, there are shaded deck along with courtyard tables. Apart from the beautiful surroundings, the main reason for visiting the vineyard is the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Since 1970s, the mission of the Brander family has been to creating the great Sav Blanc.

Sunstone winery

The winery has huge grounds with spots where you can sit and enjoy your wine. If you have brought along some friends or family, there is a large lawn where you can lay out you picnic. Additionally, there is an option of going to the stone barrel-aging cave. Sundtone vineyard will give you a vintage vibe from the wines, buildings in addition to winery grounds. To get different tastes, groups are provided with varietals to pick from. Visitors who want to stay a bit longer are welcomed to stay at the Sunstone Villa and can accommodate upto 10 people.

Rusack vineyards

The drive to the winery will provide you with beautiful and peaceful views of the rural life. On reaching the vineyard, you will get to enjoy more scenic views while enjoying a bottle of wine such as the Pinot Noir or Syrah.

Margerum Wine Company
The company’s tasting room is situated in the City of Santa Barbara’s Presidio neighborhood. The tasting room is small with a welcoming environment with good services and visitors are assured of diicovering the best wine in Santa Barbara county.

Foxen Winery

Foxen has two awesome tasting rooms offering a great wine experience to visitors. The winery is well-known because of its high-quality wines in addition to some incredible red wine. The staff there is very welcoming as well as efficient that will further make you have a great time.